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One dish which turned out to be the bestsellerthroughout the market and famous around east London is the "Newdlez Style" PAD THAI dish, a new creation
by Newdlez Team preparing the live fried PAD THAI dish in an omlette style covered by an egg.


Beside the PAD THAI dish you could also get other noodle and stir fry dishes which are commonly not available in Thai Restaurants in London.
The exotic hard to find dishes and its veriety is probably one of the formula for success of Newdlez but also they offer very interesting information with every
dish about its name, history, ingredients and special skill of preparation. Customers can watch the Newdlez Team while they do the preparation of the food and they can also ask them how to prepare it. The live cooking style could also be seen as a small cooking lesson.

Our Famous Pad Thai

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