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It all started when our founder, Watcharanuch (Nuch) Wollweber was on a mission to recreate and share her favourite childhood dish for others to experience. Growing up in rural Thailand, Nuch recalls how difficult it was to actually get a Pad Thai dish, as there was only one shop in the whole town that sold it. She has clear memories of when her father would come home late, and in order to avoid upsetting his wife and kids, he would buy them this special meal, Pad Thai. 

Upon moving to Germany, finding Pad Thai with that familiar taste proved impossible. Craving for those familiar taste, Nuch decided to research and learn how to make her own Pad Thai, quickly discovering the variety of ingredients needed and intricacies of crafting this dish. In 2004, Nuch moved to London, and she noticed that amidst the city's diverse markets, no one was selling Pad Thai, all the Thai food stalls was mainly offering rice and curry. So she set out on a mission to open a Pad Thai food stall, where like back in Thailand, the food would be cooked on spot. Through dedicated efforts, she perfected a homemade sauce, using traditional ingredients to showcase the unique flavors of Thai cuisine. 

In 2008, Nuch realised her dream, opening her first Pad Thai food stall, officially introducing the omelette-style Pad Thai. Over a decade of challenges hasn't deterred her; each returning customer and every compliment on the taste of her food fuels her unwavering commitment to sharing the authentic tastes of Thai cuisine.

The Founder of Newdlez & Co_
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